Why Coordinates Bracelets Are Becoming The Next Big Thing

The Coordinates Bracelets is a particularly emotional look of jewelry, an expressive and creative touch bracelet in a woman’s portrait, one of the most elegant and favorite accessories. The bracelet is able to change the tonality of the style and give the whole look some kind of festive and light atmosphere of looseness. In the box every woman of fashion always has a couple of bracelets. This is because bracelets express a woman’s personality.

The bracelet is too bright decoration to be considered every day. Thin gold chains on the wrist in a restrained classic style, this is perhaps the only type of stunning bracelets that can be worn every day, including in the office. Any other bracelet will always attract the attention of others. The right bracelet is able to create a strong impression and highlight your inimitable image. Depending on the thickness and design of bracelets, they can incredibly beautify any lady and attract the attention of others.

Bracelet wizard can make your hand more elegant, demonstrate your refined taste, and emphasize the charm of the figure and stylish outfit. Plus, you can give bracelet gifts to your girlfriend.

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How to choose a bracelet? What is guided when choosing?

Unfortunately, there is not any unambiguous algorithm by which you can quickly select a suitable bracelet. It is necessary to take into account dozens of nuances that determine the desired size, material, design, design and color of the jewelry. The thinner your taste is, the more carefully you follow the wardrobe and accessories of style icons, and the more likely you are to choose the most suitable bracelet for yourself.

Features of the figure – this is important!

Slender beauties: Many girls are confident that wide bracelets fit the full figure, and narrow slim. This is too primitive and generally wrong approach. Everything is somewhat more complicated. The decisive role is not played by the width of the bracelet, but by its visual brightness, texture and other characteristics.

Thin wrists and long fingers can be effectively emphasized with the help of wide openwork bracelets of complex structure, which consist of many different elements like rings, pendants, etc. Also a thin graceful figure is recommended to be decorated with wide multi-color bracelets of variegated color.

Slender beauties are always bracelets, chains, including multi-layered and multi-colored. Narrow bracelets of any design and bracelets with pendants in free movement on the hand, this is a classic for elegant figures. Large girls can wear multiple bracelets at the same time. Moreover, the skillful combination of wide and narrow bracelets looks unusual and beautiful.

This can afford a lady with impeccable taste. Not only should all the decorations be in harmony with each other in terms of shades, sizes and materials. At the same time, the whole headset should ideally be combined with the exterior color type and clothing. The task, frankly, is not simple and requires the possession of natural talent. But if you approach the choice correctly, or resort to the help of experts, you get a great ensemble, from which it will be impossible to take your eyes off.

Very neatly, but it is possible for lush ladies to wear bracelets made of large beads like pearls, corals, etc. Bracelets with pendants, visually reminiscent of a vine, and any other romantic motifs will look good.

Madly women go to luxurious forms of bracelets with a massive central element usually a large stone. This is a direct hit in the top ten. But in this case we should not forget about the size any bracelet on a wide wrist should move easily and freely. The shade of a large stone should ideally be in harmony with the color type of the exterior.

As for the type of construction, the large lady should avoid soft bracelets, but the rigid ones will be very useful a closed form one-piece ring, spring broken ring, hinged two halves with hinge and lock. But only in the free slip on the hand.

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How to combine a bracelet with clothes

Never forget that such an accessory as a bracelet is almost always a festive and even, in a good way, frivolous attribute. We do not include in this definition modest, barely noticeable classic chain bracelets. The overwhelming part of the bracelets belongs to the bright holiday accessory, which is not appropriate in serious and responsible life situations. For example, sitting in front of the examiner with a chic bracelet decorated with large stones is against the rules of etiquette, and simply indecent. A thin chain bracelet in the same situation is quite appropriate.

By the same principle, the bracelet is selected to the wardrobe? The brighter and more festive your clothes, the more luxurious and brighter can be a bracelet. Accessories are always selected at the very least. If you have limited accessories though, you can always opt for DIY bangles if you’re really into it.

Consider the length of the sleeves if the clothes are without sleeves, then you are not limited in the choice, consider only the style of the wardrobe. Bracelets should not be hidden under the sleeves this is considered bad taste and bad taste.


Winter time

In the cold season, when clothes are worn with long sleeves, it is recommended to wear wide bracelets rings. It is allowed to place part of the decoration over the sleeves. Rigidly fixed bracelets, as well as options with pendants. It is better to choose clothes with sleeves without cuffs, embroidery, ruffles and other trim elements. Also, bracelets with flared sleeves are not combined.

Summer time

In the summer, when everything is blooming around, there comes the season of bracelets, which no stylish lady can miss. In the summer you can afford a lot. The brightest colors and unexpected textures, defiantly bold prints and bold shapes. Luxurious flowers can bloom on your hands, crystals of almost any size can shine, wood, leather, bronze can be beautiful yes, whatever. In the dazzling rays of the sun and motley variety of summer your accessories and wardrobe will always look appropriate.

Evening option

A luxurious evening option will be a wide shiny bracelet over long gloves. Narrow chain bracelets and thin rings will not fit this stylish accessory. It is also unacceptable to wear several bracelets over gloves. Evening decorations should always be of high quality these are precious metals or gilding, natural stones or Swarovski. Giving gifts such as romantic bracelets for your date is a sure way to get into your date’s heart. So be sure to consider evening options with regard to these bracelets.

Combination of various accessories

Sometimes the most beautiful image can shatter just one extra or incorrectly chosen accessory. Symmetry the category is extremely accurate and does not tolerate any errors. Sometimes it’s better not to wear something than to overload the image. Often, an extra accessory is a bracelet, a festive attribute and very bright.