3 Uses Of Russian Nesting Dolls That Will Rock Your Boat

First you need to choose a tree. As a rule, it is linden, birch, aspen, and larch. The tree must be cut down necessarily in the early spring or winter, so that there is little juice in it and it should be smooth, without knots. The trunk is treated and stored so that the wood is blown. It is important not to over dry the log. The drying period is about two to three years. Masters say that the tree should ring. Let’s find out what is a Russian nesting doll used for.

Specifications of nesting dolls

The first to appear is the smallest matryoshka that does not open. Behind her – the lower part (bottom) for the next. The first nesting dolls were six-seater, eight-seater, maximum, and in recent years, 35- local, even 70- local, nesting dolls appeared in Semen, the seven-seater Semenovskaya nesting doll was one meter tall. The upper part of the second matryoshka is not dried, but is immediately worn on the bottom. Due to the fact that the upper part is finally dried in place, the parts of the matryoshka fit snugly together and keep well.

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When the nesting doll’s body is ready, it is sanded and ground. And then the process begins, which gives each matryoshka its own individuality – painting. First, the basis of the drawing is applied with a pencil. Sometimes drawing is burned, and then tinted watercolor.

Then outlines the mouth, eyes, and cheeks and already then the doll is painted clothes. Typically, paint, use gouache, watercolor or acrylic. Each area has its own canons of painting, its colors and shapes. Masters of Polkhovsky Maidan, as well as Merin and Semenov’s neighbors, paint the matryoshka with aniline paints on a previously primed surface. Dyes are diluted with an alcohol solution. The painting of Sergiyev matryoshka is made without preliminary drawing with gouache and only occasionally with watercolor and tempera, and the intensity of color is achieved with the help of varnishing.

Points to remember regarding nesting dolls

Matreshku called “a gift from the Russian soul,” but the appearance of one of the main symbols of Russia and remains a mystery for the second century. Interesting facts about the matryoshka brought Natalia Letnikova.

The wooden detachable doll of the Japanese deity Fukuruma became the prototype of the matryoshka doll. The souvenir fell into the family of the patron of art Mamontov from the island of Honshu. In Japan itself, authorship is attributed to an unknown missionary monk from Russia.

The first sketch of a chubby peasant woman was painted in the nineteenth century by one of the creators of the “Russian style” Sergey Malyutin. A toy from Sergiev Posad Vasily Zvezdochkin carved it out of wood. They called the novelty popular at the time the name Matrona.

There are secrets in making nesting dolls. For durability, the tree must lie in the open air for two years. All the way from the bar to the finished figure takes 15 stages. First grind the smallest figure.

Check out this cool article by The Washington Post about nesting dolls in this link.

Matryoshka – gold medalist

At the International Exhibition of Handicraft in Paris in 1900, she won the first prize, toured all of Europe exhibition – from Berlin to London. Today, the unique exhibition “A Difficult Toy” can be seen in the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. The popularity of the nested doll inspired the work of Western masters. In 1890, the Russian consul reported from Germany to St. Petersburg that a Russian souvenir was forged in Nuremberg, but the production did not go as well as in France.

The biggest matryoshka is located at the “crossroads of worlds” is in the Chinese city of Manchuria. Thirty-meter sculpture installed at the intersection of the borders of Russia and Mongolia. The symbol of friendship is decorated with images of three girls, Chinese, Mongolian and Russian.

The most numerous family of dolls was made in the Nizhny Novgorod city Semenov In one meter wooden matron sit 72 figures. And one of the largest museums in Europe, the Russian ethnographic , conducts master classes in painting figurines.

Types of nesting dolls:

The Sergiev matryoshka is a chubby girl in a scarf and a sundress with an apron brightly painted using 3-4 colors (red or orange, yellow, green and blue). The lines of the face and clothing are outlined in black. After renaming Sergiev Posad to Zagorsk, in 1930, this type of painting began to be called Zagorsk. Now there are many types of nesting dolls Semenov, Merin, Polkhov, and Vyatka. The most popular are the Maydanovskie (from Polkhov Maidan) and Semenovskie nesting dolls.

Polkhovsky Maidan – the most famous center for the manufacture and painting of dolls, located in the south-west of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The main element of the polikho-maydanovskaya nesting doll is a multi-petal rosehip flower (“rose”), next to which there can be half-opened buds on the branches. The painting is applied on a pre-applied contour made with ink. Coloring is made on a primer with starch, after it products are coated twice or three times with a transparent varnish.

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Kigurumis Are Expensive Clothing Everyone’s Tolerating

Modern clothing is very diverse, and among the outfits there are the most unusual. Manufacturers think not only about comfort and convenience, the appearance of things is also important. Buyers of sleepwear also make sure that their clothes are not only comfortable and pleasant to the body, but also different originality. She should be pleased with her appearance already, and wearing such an outfit is much nicer than usual.

Based on the preferences of people, manufacturers have created unusual pajamas named kigurumi, which allows you to turn into a cute beast, real or fictional. You can become a charming spotted cat by wearing a Kigurumi Bengal cat, and the Kigurumi Raccoon will help you to appear as a cute raccoon.

These pajamas warm in the cold winter, but in the summer they will be the way, because after a hot day you can feel the contrast with the cool night. Putting on such pajamas, both the child and the adult will become fantastic heroes, will be transferred to the unusual world, and will see magic dreams. Parents think use Kigurumis in making bedtimes easier. But, did you ever wonder why are kigurumis so expensive?

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Opportunity to return to childhood

Despite the fact that the Kigurumi appeared in Japan, and it was not so long ago, now they can be seen in many countries of the world, and they are gaining increasing popularity. They penetrate not only into the hearts of children. They are loved by their parents. And the adult Kigurumi liked even more: if it’s just a fabulous outfit for a child, then it allows parents to return to childhood. And everyone dreams of it.

The most common pajamas will allow you to fool around by entering the image of the little animal, even if it does not exist in the real world. A good mood will make your life joyful and enjoyable.

Despite the fact that most people choose these fun clothes as pajamas or home wear, there are those who like to wear kigurumi at parties or on ski slopes. And it is very funny to see in the ordinary life of a person walking a pet or going to the grocery store in a funny onesies.

What is the secret kigurumi?

These funny costumes are popular and in demand because they have many advantages:

  • Funny and cute design those appeals to children and uplifting adults. This pajamas becomes an important part of the wardrobe, perfect for any age.
  • Convenience and comfort. They enjoy sleeping and spending time at home, in Kigurumi you can go for a walk or have a Halloween onesie party. It warms in cold winter. It is not hot in summer.
  • Original cut. For the summer season, designers have created onesies with shorts and a sleeveless onesies. You can wear them in the strongest heat. For cool weather, fit the classic cut, with long sleeves and trousers.
  • Such pajamas are practical because they come out of a fabric that is not to be worn. They are easy to wash, and they dry very quickly, the fabric does not get wet in the light rain.
  • The material from which Kigurumi is produced does not cause allergies and does not irritate the skin. And this is especially important for children whose skin is more sensitive.

Coming to us from Japan, where the rapid pace of life is fascinating, and pajamas can brighten up everyday life and become a real salvation. They are so liked by people all over the world that it is very easy to see a funny little animal walking along the street. Yes, this is a man in Kigurumi, which causes a lot of warm smiles of people. Buying such an outfit, keep in mind this wonderful feature of pajamas.

Some people would wear kigurumis or onesies during their flight. The Lonely Planet actually wrote an article about it here.

How to make a choice

Sometimes it is difficult to choose an outfit among a huge number of proposals. To make it easier for you, remember that there are several types of characters, like your favorite Sabrina characters onesies. First of all, these are heroes from favorite cartoons, real birds and animals, and those who live only in fairy tales and myths. Decide who is closer to you, and choose pajamas in that category. You may just like a cute bright animal, and you will forget about your preferences. Let your choice be successful.

How to make money selling kigurumi pajamas

Today, almost all goods that are in demand are made in China, Kigurumi pajamas are no exception. A great idea for a small business is selling kigurumi pajamas from the manufacturer to the final buyer with his own extra charge. The margin percentage is set taking into account competition and demand in the chosen market and sales venues. These are mainly ads on large sites such. But no one bothers you to make your online store kigurumi pajamas or one-page.

What is the difference between a one-page and an online store?

First, the cost and timing of development launch of the project. Secondly, the quantity of the offered goods on the landing page, as a rule, one product is presented, and on a full-fledged online store you can set up for sale an unlimited number of different Kigurumi onesies, creating a convenient structure.

Thirdly, the landing attracts customers mainly through contextual advertising. The online store can be customized and optimized so that it leads potential buyers from search engines without paying for clicks.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that one-page is an ideal means of selling so-called wow-positions new products that are in high demand now. You can launch a one-page website almost in one day along with customized contextual advertising.

The online stores will onesies larger entrepreneurs a wide range of products offered, including Kigurumi pajamas. Proper long-term development, including the creation of a loyalty system to customers in the form of bonuses, coupons for regular purchases and other advantages of a full-fledged online store.

So, after reviewing a few ads for Kigurumi pajamas, you decided to start your small business and create your own trading platform. As the wisdom says: Having thought decide, and having decided do not think! Contact Express America- they will help you find, purchase and deliver Kigurumi pajamas and provide all the conditions for the development of your business.

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Why Coordinates Bracelets Are Becoming The Next Big Thing

The Coordinates Bracelets is a particularly emotional look of jewelry, an expressive and creative touch bracelet in a woman’s portrait, one of the most elegant and favorite accessories. The bracelet is able to change the tonality of the style and give the whole look some kind of festive and light atmosphere of looseness. In the box every woman of fashion always has a couple of bracelets. This is because bracelets express a woman’s personality.

The bracelet is too bright decoration to be considered every day. Thin gold chains on the wrist in a restrained classic style, this is perhaps the only type of stunning bracelets that can be worn every day, including in the office. Any other bracelet will always attract the attention of others. The right bracelet is able to create a strong impression and highlight your inimitable image. Depending on the thickness and design of bracelets, they can incredibly beautify any lady and attract the attention of others.

Bracelet wizard can make your hand more elegant, demonstrate your refined taste, and emphasize the charm of the figure and stylish outfit. Plus, you can give bracelet gifts to your girlfriend.

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How to choose a bracelet? What is guided when choosing?

Unfortunately, there is not any unambiguous algorithm by which you can quickly select a suitable bracelet. It is necessary to take into account dozens of nuances that determine the desired size, material, design, design and color of the jewelry. The thinner your taste is, the more carefully you follow the wardrobe and accessories of style icons, and the more likely you are to choose the most suitable bracelet for yourself.

Features of the figure – this is important!

Slender beauties: Many girls are confident that wide bracelets fit the full figure, and narrow slim. This is too primitive and generally wrong approach. Everything is somewhat more complicated. The decisive role is not played by the width of the bracelet, but by its visual brightness, texture and other characteristics.

Thin wrists and long fingers can be effectively emphasized with the help of wide openwork bracelets of complex structure, which consist of many different elements like rings, pendants, etc. Also a thin graceful figure is recommended to be decorated with wide multi-color bracelets of variegated color.

Slender beauties are always bracelets, chains, including multi-layered and multi-colored. Narrow bracelets of any design and bracelets with pendants in free movement on the hand, this is a classic for elegant figures. Large girls can wear multiple bracelets at the same time. Moreover, the skillful combination of wide and narrow bracelets looks unusual and beautiful.

This can afford a lady with impeccable taste. Not only should all the decorations be in harmony with each other in terms of shades, sizes and materials. At the same time, the whole headset should ideally be combined with the exterior color type and clothing. The task, frankly, is not simple and requires the possession of natural talent. But if you approach the choice correctly, or resort to the help of experts, you get a great ensemble, from which it will be impossible to take your eyes off.

Very neatly, but it is possible for lush ladies to wear bracelets made of large beads like pearls, corals, etc. Bracelets with pendants, visually reminiscent of a vine, and any other romantic motifs will look good.

Madly women go to luxurious forms of bracelets with a massive central element usually a large stone. This is a direct hit in the top ten. But in this case we should not forget about the size any bracelet on a wide wrist should move easily and freely. The shade of a large stone should ideally be in harmony with the color type of the exterior.

As for the type of construction, the large lady should avoid soft bracelets, but the rigid ones will be very useful a closed form one-piece ring, spring broken ring, hinged two halves with hinge and lock. But only in the free slip on the hand.

An interesting article about coordinates bracelet was posted by National Geographic here.

How to combine a bracelet with clothes

Never forget that such an accessory as a bracelet is almost always a festive and even, in a good way, frivolous attribute. We do not include in this definition modest, barely noticeable classic chain bracelets. The overwhelming part of the bracelets belongs to the bright holiday accessory, which is not appropriate in serious and responsible life situations. For example, sitting in front of the examiner with a chic bracelet decorated with large stones is against the rules of etiquette, and simply indecent. A thin chain bracelet in the same situation is quite appropriate.

By the same principle, the bracelet is selected to the wardrobe? The brighter and more festive your clothes, the more luxurious and brighter can be a bracelet. Accessories are always selected at the very least. If you have limited accessories though, you can always opt for DIY bangles if you’re really into it.

Consider the length of the sleeves if the clothes are without sleeves, then you are not limited in the choice, consider only the style of the wardrobe. Bracelets should not be hidden under the sleeves this is considered bad taste and bad taste.


Winter time

In the cold season, when clothes are worn with long sleeves, it is recommended to wear wide bracelets rings. It is allowed to place part of the decoration over the sleeves. Rigidly fixed bracelets, as well as options with pendants. It is better to choose clothes with sleeves without cuffs, embroidery, ruffles and other trim elements. Also, bracelets with flared sleeves are not combined.

Summer time

In the summer, when everything is blooming around, there comes the season of bracelets, which no stylish lady can miss. In the summer you can afford a lot. The brightest colors and unexpected textures, defiantly bold prints and bold shapes. Luxurious flowers can bloom on your hands, crystals of almost any size can shine, wood, leather, bronze can be beautiful yes, whatever. In the dazzling rays of the sun and motley variety of summer your accessories and wardrobe will always look appropriate.

Evening option

A luxurious evening option will be a wide shiny bracelet over long gloves. Narrow chain bracelets and thin rings will not fit this stylish accessory. It is also unacceptable to wear several bracelets over gloves. Evening decorations should always be of high quality these are precious metals or gilding, natural stones or Swarovski. Giving gifts such as romantic bracelets for your date is a sure way to get into your date’s heart. So be sure to consider evening options with regard to these bracelets.

Combination of various accessories

Sometimes the most beautiful image can shatter just one extra or incorrectly chosen accessory. Symmetry the category is extremely accurate and does not tolerate any errors. Sometimes it’s better not to wear something than to overload the image. Often, an extra accessory is a bracelet, a festive attribute and very bright.

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15 DIY Gifts for Your Best Friend

It’s always nice to be told that you’re appreciated. You know how much you love that feeling, so why not make sure that your friends know they’re appreciated?

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday or just a random day of the week, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The best part is that you can whip them up in a flash, with relatively no time or money. What an easy way to show your love!

1. Instagram Cards

Print out a Insta photo of you and your best friend, and use it as a card for her birthday or just because!

2. Yarn Pom Pom Letters

Everyone loves some fun room decor! Spell out your bestie’s name, her intials or Greek letters with these fun pom poms.

3. Printed Candles

Print your best friend’s favorite inspirational quote or celeb on a candle that she can burn, baby, burn! You can really put anything you want on these adorable candles. 

4. Watercolor Cards

Making these cards will take you back to your kindergarten days! Use white crayon and then water color over it to reveal your ~*hidden*~ message.

5. Photo Star

Create a star lantern out of photos of you and your bestie—it’s sure to light up her life!

6. Keyboard Art

Don’t let an old keyboard clog up a landfill. Take it apart, and create the cutest photo frame ever; all you have to do is add your message of appreciation! Don’t feel obligated to make it a keyboard pun, either.

7. Instagram Calendar

Use a photo of you and your BFF for each month and pencil in girls nights, your friendaversary and other important dates. Feel free to also write messages of encouragement and love throughout. 

8. Balloon Room

Each of these balloons is attached to a photo. Just write a memory or affirmation on the back of the photos and surprise your bestie.

9. Comfy Pillow

Make sure your best friend always has a snuggly place to lay her head with this Doris Day-inspired pillow.

10. Goodie Jar

You can use this goodie jar to “teal” your bestie any message that your heart desires—be it “Thanks,” “I love you” or even “Congrats!”

11. Bestie Scrapbook

Head to your local craft store to pick up some materials, and spend an afternoon making a gift that will probably make your bestie cry. A scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve fun photos and memories.

12. The Happy Jar

Fill out little notes full of loving affirmations, funny drawings or inside jokes—anything that would make your friend happy! 

13. “52 Things I Love About You” Cards

We love this card deck! You could also do “52 Times You Made Me Laugh”or “52 Inside Jokes.”

14. Photo Collage Letter

Modge podge some photos onto a wooden letter—the first letter of your friend’s name—and write a loving letter to her on the back.

15. Bestie Bucket List

Make a bestie bucket list for your summer together, upcoming vacation or your remaining time in college. So many possibilities!

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Survival Bracelets – Best Paracord Bracelets for Serious Men

We are pretty sure everyone has seen a rope bracelet before. However, not many know about proper paracord bracelets. Even if you did see one, or even if you own one, you might not know why you should have it with you.

Believe it or not, paracord bracelets are great survival tools. They are actually woven out of 550 cords. That means that the breaking strength of your paracord bracelet’s cord is 550 pounds. The “para” part of the name comes from the fact that this cord is what they used in WWII parachutes.

Now that you know something about it’s name, it is time you found out why you should use it. Well, the first and obvious reason is that they are rather cheap, and they look great. But, that is not why you are here. You are here for the practical application. Namely, while it is around your wrist, it looks like a regular bracelet. But, you can unravel it and get up to 15 feet of incredibly strong rope. And, if you have any survival training, you know how useful that is.

You can use the paracord for a variety of tasks in a survival situation. That includes fishing, setting traps for small animals, making a splint, or even building a shelter.

The Best Paracord Bracelets for Survival

Of course, we weren’t just going to say what they are useful for. We are here to help you out, after all. And to do that, we have made this list featuring some of the best paracord bracelets out there.

Fitdom Survival Bracelet

The Fitdom survival bracelet is one of the best bracelets you can find. The number of features it offers is all but incredible. Let’s start with the rope. Once you undo the weave, you actually get two reflective paracords. The black one gives you ten feet of 550 cord, while the white cord is only a foot long. But, make no mistake, that foot of rope can truly come in handy. Furthermore, the strap buckle features several useful tools. You can use it as a fire starter, a whistle, a P-51 can opener, and, as a scraper.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet

Bear Grylls is a man who no longer requires introduction when it comes to survival stories. After all, he is the host of the most popular survival show out there. And, you can be sure that any survival tool with his name on it is great. This whistle bracelet will definitely come in handy in a survival situation. Many celebrities love bracelets and Christina Aguilera’s bracelet choice is no exception.

If your lover is more of a Bear Grylls personality, don’t hesitate in giving bracelet to your fiance.

Wounded Warrior Project – Survival Straps

With this bracelet, you actually get 16 feet of 550-grade paracord. Not to mention that it also has an incredibly strong release buckle. However, the single best thing about it is that the company that makes this bracelet will give you a free replacement if you ever have to use this bracelet in a survival situation.

The Friendly Swede – Premium Paracord Bracelet

This stylish bracelet looks great and is incredibly useful. It also comes with the 550-pound paracord material, but it offers cool features on top of that. It has a fire starter, a scraper, and a knife. And, if you are ever in need of a rope, all you need to do is remove a bit of glue and unravel the bracelet.



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